Monday, August 5, 2013

Erik's Photo Book Documenting the 12th Street Reconstruction Project Now Ready for Orders
The above link takes you to the site where you can find this book (free preview of the entire 100 page book available in full screen mode as well) of my coffee-table style photo book 11"x 13" is finally finished and ready to be ordered via Blurb. I've been working on this project since May 2010, have over 25,000 photos on this blog site. This book is the hard copy photographic record of the project. It's been a labor of love creating this book these past several months. There is an inexpensive PDF instant download option ($4.99) and two physical book options, dust jacket ($135.99) or image wrap ($100.81) for the hard cover book. I receive no profit from the sale of the book and all ordering or issues are between you and Blurb.